Watercolor Demonstration with Sally Tiska Rice

Sally Tiska Rice invites you to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the serene world of watercolors. As part of Art Week Berkshires, Sunday, May 19th, 1-5pm. Set sail with her in her studio sanctuary. Join fellow art enthusiasts in a demonstration where sailboats dance upon the water, their forms emerging through the masterful technique of negative painting and lifting. With gentle guidance, Sally will unveil the secrets of this beginner-friendly approach, empowering you to wield your brush with newfound confidence. Embrace the opportunity to paint along, as together we navigate the waters. Don't miss this chance to create memories as timeless as the horizon itself. A chance to even bring home a small masterpiece.


Clock Tower Business Center 

75 South Church Street 

3rd Floor, Studio 302

Pittsfield, MA



 Contact Sally for available dates and times. Private and semi private watercolor classes for youth and adults ages 10 and up.

Private $55.00 an hour, Private class participants who sign up for 6 or more classes in advance will receive a discounted rate of $50.00.

Private art lessons are the perfect way to learn skills without being intimidated by group class scenarios. Work at your own pace on a personal projects.

Small groups 2-4 people, per person, $45.00 an hour, Group participants who sign up for 6 or more classes in advance will receive a discounted rate of $40.00.

Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Guide in developing his or her own style while learning techniques, exploring, enjoying the process and journey of creating.

Please avoid cheap paint sets. Stick to quality brands like Winsor Newton, Grumbacher, Holbein, and Daniel Smith.

Good brushes are essential. Poor brushes lose many hairs when used which will frustrate the painter.

Students are encouraged to work with the following materials.


 Other recommended items are:

~ kitchen roll/ paper towels.

~water vessels, two containers, small cups or bowls, for washing your brushes. Old clean yogurt containers work great.

~ small water spray bottle. You can use a empty body spray bottle or even pick one up from dollar tree.

~ masking tape. I recommend using a good brand. 3M, Scotch or Duck

~Liquid mask (sometimes called frisket). look for non permanent.

~ course salt and course and fine sandpaper could be fun.