October 6, 2023 
I asked Sally if she would paint a picture for one of my very good friends. The picture was of she and her Grandmothers hands. Sally decided to draw the picture and it came out absolutely beautiful. Thank you Sally for creating this beautiful memory for her to cherish.

~Mary Ellen Palmer 


December 15, 2023

Sally is a talented artist who is friendly and enjoyable to work with. She really cares about the work she does for her clients, and it shows! I love the work I bought from her. She painted a gorgeous image from a once-in-a-lifetime trip I took with my mom. That painting reminds us of the very special time together. It looks just like the photograph, only more beautiful! Sally's art inspires viewers and clients to feel awe, appreciation and love for nature, pets, homes, family, and friends. A piece from her will be something to treasure!

~Joy Ruben Welts







 February 5,2015

 Hi Sally,
I am so glad that I met you at the artists opening when you had your paintings in the show at Celebrations. I loved your work and after seeing that you lived near Mt Greylock I knew you were the one that I wanted to paint pictures of my husband and his beloved dog hiking. The paintings that you created from the photos I provided were everything I could hope for. The colors were vibrant, clear and crisp. They look exactly like the photos! I was so comfortable with the whole process, you were professional, you kept me up to date with where you were, and you sent me pictures when you were done. They arrived packed safely and wrapped so pretty!! Rick was
overjoyed when he opened them. My sister and her husband also were thrilled of the painting of my niece riding Teddy, her favorite pony. I want to thank you so much for making my families Christmas so special.
Colleen Peck
Moonfaerie Designs


January 4, 2015
I have had Sally paint 2 paintings for me in which I'm
very satisfied in both. I would highly recommend anyone
wishing to have a painting done of something special to
them. Please seek Sally out. Sally is a very sweet person
and takes pride in her work. Once again thank you very
Sandy Brooks




                                          June, 16, 2013

  I just received my Father's Day
gift that Summer had you do. It is so wonder
full to see a paint brush stroke by paint brush
stroke rendition of my daughter that captures
her personality and being so well. Thank you so
much I will treasure the picture forever.

Tim Helmer




August 2012


This painting that I ordered from Sally Tiska Rice is wonderful. I gave this painting to my Mother as a gift and she loved it. Mom said she will take this painting of her Berkshire County home to her winter home in Florida.

I'm already thinking about asking Sally to do another commission  painting.


Tina Kickery

Pittsfield MA 01201



Fellow Art Lovers,                                                  April 2012


      I asked Sally if she would paint a picture of my dog Belka because I liked her paintings. Lupines is one of my favorites. I am so glad she agreed to do it. Everything went smoothly from start to end. We had nice communication about what I wanted in the painting. But I have to say the end result here has exceeded my expectation. The dog looks just like Belka. The painting was well packed and it arrived in perfect condition. I love this painting and it's mine! :-)


                                                                            Hunny Kershaw IBM

                                                                            3655 Wodzienski Dr.

                                                                            San Jose CA 95148-4340