Watercolor Demonstration with Sally Tiska Rice

Sally Tiska Rice invites you to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the serene world of watercolors. As part of Art Week Berkshires, Sunday, May 19th, 1-5pm. Set sail with her in her studio sanctuary. Join fellow art enthusiasts in a demonstration where sailboats dance upon the water, their forms emerging through the masterful technique of negative painting and lifting. With gentle guidance, Sally will unveil the secrets of this beginner-friendly approach, empowering you to wield your brush with newfound confidence. Embrace the opportunity to paint along, as together we navigate the waters. Don't miss this chance to create memories as timeless as the horizon itself. A chance to even bring home a small masterpiece.


Clock Tower Business Center 

75 South Church Street 

3rd Floor, Studio 302

Pittsfield, MA

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